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Deciding if you want digital or film photos for your wedding? This blog goes over all the pros and cons to help you make the best decition for your big day!

Digital vs. Film for Your Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom walk on golf course on their wedding day

Want to know how to capture stunning engagement photos in one of San Francisco’s most photographable locations? Check out this blog for all the details!

Engagement Photos in The Heart of San Francisco

North Beach San Francisco Engagement

The direct flash photography approach to capturing weddings offers an editorial and chic vibe. Wondering what exactly does it entails? Click here to read more!

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Engagement photo sessions are an opportunity to tell a story – your story! Read on to learn how to capture your love story in photos.

Crafting Your Love Story Through Engagement Photos

No couple dreams of rain on their wedding day, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. While unexpected rain may seem daunting, it can also bring unexpected beauty and charm to your special day. Keep reading to explore how to embrace the rain and turn your rainy wedding day into a magical celebration!

Embracing Rain on Your Wedding Day

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The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the quest for that perfect family photo. Yet, rather than the typical hassle of corralling everyone for a photoshoot, why not turn it into a memorable family activity? Here are some tips to ensure your family photo session isn’t just about capturing images but creating cherished memories.

Capturing the Perfect Family Photos

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Imagine the breathtaking elegance of celebrating your union at San Francisco City Hall. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of capturing Jillian and Raymond’s wedding at this splendid venue. Their celebration embodied absolute grandeur while still holding an intimate charm that resonated deeply with the couple. Let’s delve into some exclusive insights on how they curated this enchanting day!

How To Plan a Wedding at San Francisco City Hall

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Planning a wedding can feel like navigating a labyrinth of choices as you approach your big day! That’s why many couples are opting for more intimate and relaxed wedding options to celebrate their love. Join me as I dive into the little secrets that can help infuse warmth and intimacy into every moment of your wedding day!

3 Secrets for an Intimate Wedding

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Planning your wedding is an exciting journey filled with countless decisions. One question that often arises is whether you should book your photographer and wedding videographer separately. Finding that sweet spot between your wedding photography and videography is like uncovering the magic ingredient, read more to find out why!

Balancing Your Wedding Photography & Videography

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When planning an engagement shoot, many couples naturally gravitate towards the idea of a sunny day. After all, sunshine often feels like the perfect backdrop for capturing the warmth of your love. However, if you live in a place like San Francisco where unpredictable weather patterns are frequent, it’s essential to learn how to embrace the beauty of overcast engagement photos.

Why Overcast Engagement Photos are Ideal

A couple walk away on a sand dune in San Francisco.

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