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So, you want to include your pet in your engagement photos. Trust me, I get it! Your 4-legged friend is just as important in your relationship as your partner is. I have my own fur baby, Freckle, and he is absolutely the center of my and my partner’s relationship right now. So, believe me, I understand how important it is to include your pet in your engagement photos.

7 Tips for Engagement Photos with Pets

Couple walk on beach with their dog during their engagement photos

Are you “head over heels” in love, and ready to capture your engagement with beautiful photos? Congratulations! This blog will help guide you in deciding on the best location for your engagement photo session. And don’t forget that regardless of where – or how – you’ve decided to capture this important moment in your relationship’s story, it doesn’t have to be cheesy or awkward!

How to Choose a Location for Engagement Photos

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Planning an engagement photoshoot is a great way to celebrate your love and this unique time in your life before saying, “I do!” Whether you have just gotten engaged or are simply looking for creative ideas for couples’ photos, this blog post can help make the entire process of planning an engagement photoshoot enjoyable and stress-free.

8 Engagement Photo Ideas for a Fun Photoshoot

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For couples that are looking for a unique and artistic way to capture their wedding or engagement, film photography is quickly gaining steam as a new trend. Unlike digital photography, which involves taking a photo and then editing it on a computer, film photography requires the use of physical film to capture the image.

Film Photography for Engagements and Weddings

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Many newly engaged couples start considering their engagement photo session shortly after the question is popped, but how do you know how long your engagement photo session should be? While many couples ponder this question, I am happy to provide some insight from an engagement photographer’s point of view! Rather than viewing this event as something stressful to tick off the to-do list, consider approaching your engagement photoshoot like a novelty date night!

How Long Should Your Engagement Photo Session Be?

Couple walk on beach in San Francisco during their engagement photos

Shooting photos at night is not something I often agree to, but when my good friends Andrea and Ryan shared their vision for nighttime engagement photos, I couldn’t say no. Working with ambient light and using flash photography can be unpredictable, but I was up for the challenge. With a bit of preparation, experimentation with lighting, and the help of some friends, I’ve successfully photographed my favorite engagement photos to date – and all at night!

Nighttime Engagement Photos in San Francisco

Couple walk the streets of San Francisco for their engagement photos

If you’re like many young couples these days, your pet is more like family to you than others understand. That being the case, it makes sense that you would want to include them in the photos of special moments in your life. Taking dog engagement photos is more possible than you realize and with a few tips under your belt, you’ll be ready to book your shoot in no time! Read on to learn how I work with my clients and their furry friends for their engagement sessions.

3 Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos

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Do you want to book a photoshoot with your significant other but truly despise the cliche poses and photos you often see posted on social media? I get it! Those photoshoots can feel awkward and forced, especially if you’re alread a little camera shy. One thing I have spent a lot of time working on with couples is unique photoshoot ideas for their sessions. I want my clients to feel comfortable and like their most true selves during their couples photoshoot.

How to Plan a Couples Photoshoot That is Unique to You

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So many couples I work with request outdoor engagement photos, and I don’t blame them! A moment of twirling with your love amongst tall trees, or sharing a kiss in a field of wildflowers, can truly create the perfect environment for dreamy engagement photos. But what do you do when the weather decides not to cooperate and casts a shadow on your sunny day plans?

3 Tips for Rainy Engagement Photos

Couple pose with horse for their engagement session.

Does this sound like you: you’ve just gotten engaged and you’re planning to schedule a photoshoot to commemorate this big moment in your life, but you’re just not feeling inspired? Or, you’re excited to have someone capture these images, but don’t want the same, basic engagement photos you see everyone else posting on social media? The good news is, I have plenty of clients who want to mix things up and get creative for their engagement photos!

Classic Car Engagement Inspiration

Couple pose with classic car for their engagement photos in Los Angeles

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